Thompson on Hollywood

- An L.A. Superior Court Judge has ruled (tentatively) in favor of Italian film mogul Vittorio Cecchi Gori (pictured, right) and against producer Gianni Nunnari (pictured, left) (The Departed, Shutter Island, 300, From Dusk Till Dawn).

Gori, who produced with his father Mario best picture Oscar-nominee Il Postino [1994], is no stranger to bankruptcy. The L.A. judge ruled that Gori is entitled to almost $14 million in lost profits (from films including 300, Silence and Everybody's Fine) due to his ex-employee's conflict-of-interest on outside projects. Nunnari's lawyer maintained that Gori granted Nunnari permission to work on other projects that did not get in the way of his duties. Gori's lawyers, however, contended that Nunnari took advantage of his trust and dedicated his energy toward his own Hollywood Gang projects.

Both parties are allowed to submit a memo to the judge regarding the tentative ruling. The good news for Nunnari's wallet is that he has 15 producing projects in development (including Zack Snyder's Xerxes [2011], an untitled Robin Hood project [2012], a futuristic Ronin [2012], Odysseus [2013], and The Last Photograph [2013], which will see Christian Bale travel to war-torn Afghanistan. At this point, Gori is far less active.