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It's Hammer Time: UK's Celebrated Genre Studio Launches YouTube Channel

by Beth Hanna
August 24, 2012 5:00 PM
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Christopher Lee in "Horror of Dracula"
Christopher Lee in "Horror of Dracula"

Britain's historic horror studio Hammer recently launched its own YouTube channel, which includes content from contemporary Hammer films (like the sequel to the Daniel Radcliffe-starring box office hit "The Woman in Black") as well as beautifully restored classic Hammer titles available for streaming. Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing enthusiasts, welcome home.

So far the channel is streaming British horror maestro Val Guest's "The Quartermass Xperiment" (aka "The Creeping Unknown"), one of the scariest sci-fi horror hybrids from the '50s, starring Brian Donlevy as rocket scientist Quartermass and Richard Wordsworth as an astronaut-turned-outsized wormy octopus blob; 1973's "Captain Kronos, Vampire Hunter," which resituates Dracula lore into a swashbuckler, with Horst Jansen "en garde"-ing the undead like nobody's business; and behind-the-scenes tidbits from upcoming "The Quiet Ones," starring Jared Harris (dearly departed Lane Pryce from "Mad Men") and Sam Claflin (who recently scored the role of Finnick in the ongoing "Hunger Games" franchise), about a university team that creates a poltergeist.

Here's hoping Terence Fisher's seminal Lee and Cushing team-ups "The Curse of Frankenstein" and "Horror of Dracula" will be streamable soon.

Check out a sampling of the channel's offerings below, including the interesting and time-saving "History of Hammer in 90 Seconds."

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