The Hurt Locker not only gave Jeremy Renner the role of his career--which earned him an Oscar nomination--but it opened up a raft of career possibilities. Renner is young, gifted and masculine: he can play a charismatic hero or a dangerous villain, a leading man or a character role. He's versatile. This is what casting directors want. There aren't enough guys like him.

That's why Renner is wearing a shit-eating grin. He knows he's got the tiger by the tail. The guy is poised to possibly take over the Mission Impossible franchise after co-starring with Tom Cruise in Ghost Protocol. And he's prepping to play Hawkeye in Marvel's The Avengers. And he's stirring up more Oscar talk for his role as a nasty piece-of-work thief in Ben Affleck's fall hit, The Town, which has grossed $91 million to date. My three-part flip-cam interview is below:

Part One: The 18-Month Hurt Locker promo gauntlet; recognition from peers; taking a whiz next to Mark Wahlberg.

Part Two: Working with writer-director-co-star Affleck on The Town.

Part Three: Working with Cruise on Mission Impossible, prepping The Avengers, angling for Hansel and Gretel and Paul Thomas Anderson's next.