John Waters is Hitchhiking; Indie Band Picks Him Up in Ohio

by Maggie Lange
May 18, 2012 6:32 PM
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John Waters and the Band
Baltimore's own indie auteur John Waters ("Pink Flamingos") likes the occasional hitchhike.  An indie band called Here We Go Magic recently picked him up in Ohio and took him on a six hour road trip as Waters entertained the group telling stories. He has hitchhiked with Patty Hearst, he wears a hat that says "Scum of the Earth," and he treated everyone to breakfast at an Italian deli. Here We Go Magic bassist Jen Turner reported to DCist about their journey.  Excerpts of her interview are below:

Waters' adoring fans:
He's surrounded by fairies, everyone just wants to help him. He's so loved. The response we got was incredible people being like "Ahhh I love him!! I'm crazy about this guy!" But you can understand why, he's so cool, he's such a gentle spirit and he's so earnest that of course people are going to love him.

Advice he gave to the band:
Just by the mere fact that what he was doing was advice enough. Live it. Do it. Work hard. He writes at 8 a.m. every single day. That was really, super inspiring. He works really hard. He's a super hard worker. I was really excited by his work ethic and his lightness.

On the elephant in the room:
We addressed the fact that we knew it was John Waters and he very calmly accepted that information. It sort of rolls on from there. The shock of the event wore off pretty quickly in exchange for the warmth and the kindness and cleverness of this human being that's now sitting next to you. He became a human being very quickly. He answered every single question and he was even a little shy about photos. Finally it was like, "My mom wants a picture" and "Do you mind if I Tweet this" and he was fine with it. We were like, "What on earth are you doing this for?" He was like, "I have a lot of control in my life and I just wanted to let go of the reins a little bit, have an adventure." He's such a true artist and it's so cool!

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1 Comment

  • rgm | May 26, 2012 11:44 AMReply

    John Waters made it across the country, taking eight days and some 15 hitchhiked rides, and according to the New York Times "he has accumulated numerous anecdotes for a book he has tentatively titled “Carsick” and which will be published by Farrar, Straus & Giroux."

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