Thompson on Hollywood

While Tilda met an unfortunate fate at HBO, the cable channel just signed another development deal with Tilda's would-be star, Diane Keaton. (Here's why the Nikki Finke-inspired series got the axe.)

What kind of vehicle will HBO create for Keaton? We like the idea of a starring series vehicle, even if she is one of the few actresses still working in their 60s. Coming up are small-scale films from Lawrence Kasdan (Darling Companion), Justin Zackham (The Wedding) and the Matthew McDuffie and Arie Posen scripted The Look of Love. It-girl Emma Stone may have dubbed her her idol (she told Vanity Fair she admires Keaton as “one of the most covered-up actresses of all time”), but Keaton is still one of a kind.

Shonda Rhimes, the woman behind TV hits Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice and the upcoming political drama Scandal (starring Kerry Washington), has sold a period drama to ABC. Gilded Lillys is set in 1895 and follows the family, staff and patrons of the first ever luxury hotel in the city (it's not clear which city). Gossip Girl and The Nine writer K.J. Steinberg wrote the script. To give some period context, Lillys sits in that largely untapped era between CBS's Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman (late 1860s) and HBO's Deadwood (1870s) and Boardwalk Empire (1920s) and Carnivale (1934-5).