For Brunetti, the philosophy isn't a sound byte, it's a a reflection of his own trajectory in the film business.  Eleven years ago, Brunetti attended the Academy Awards as Spacey's guest, having recently gotten his start in the industry as the actor's assistant.  Two years ago, when Brunetti was nominated for Best Picture for producing "The Social Network" and attended the Oscars again, Spacey came as his guest.

In a world and a field where cynicism often holds sway, it's hard at first glance to understand how a project like the Jameson First Shot competition fits into the careers of a major actor and his producing partner.  For Spacey though, paying it forward seems be a way of life.  "The truth is," he says, "more people should do it.  It changes people's lives.  Why would you choose to spend your time sitting around in a kidney pool in Beverly Hills collecting residual checks?  That sounds boring."

"Not really," Brunetti interjects dryly, but his money isn't where his mouth is.