Jameson First Shot
Jameson Jameson First Shot

All the best film puns have to do with booze, don't they?  Today Trigger Street Productions announced the U.S. winner of their Jameson First Shot competition -- that's right, Jameson, as in the famous Irish whiskey named after its creative, John Jameson.

Benjamin Leavitt, who won the competition in the U.S., is a director and editor who graduated from NYU in 2004.  His winning film, "The Ventriloquist," follows a taciturn ventriloquist who tries to outwit his gregarious marionette.  Two other winners from South Africa and Russia will join Leavitt as winners from a pool of over 700 entries.

Trigger Street, of course, is Kevin Spacey's production company, and part of the winners' prize is the opportunity to shoot their script in LA with Spacey playing the lead role.

For some reason, we see shades of "Lost in Translation" in this.  Alright, it's not quite the same, but still -- actors and whiskey?  We'd go to a movie to see Bill Murray play Kevin Spacey.