Thompson on Hollywood

Finally. LACMA concludes its Hard Boiled Hong Kong series with the Los Angeles premiere of John Woo's full-length third-century wuxia epic Red Cliff in all its glory. The five-hour version has everything--costumes, history, drama, battles, horses, burning armadas, romance--and an ensemble of gorgeous movie stars led by Tony Leung. At $80 million, it's the most expensive movie ever made in China, and it nearly did in Woo and producer Terence Chang. Magnolia released a shortened two-and-a -half hour version in theaters stateside which did not fare as well as the full-length version did around the world. See the whole thing if you can.

This is a must-see. It was my number one movie last year. Here's my interview with Woo and the HD trailer, here and on the jump.

November 26 | 7:30 pm Red Cliff: Part I
November 27 | 4 pm Red Cliff, Part I (Repeat Screening)
November 27 | 7:30 pm Red Cliff, Part II