'Ride Along'
'Ride Along'

3. "Ride Along" (Universal) Week 4 - Last weekend #1

$9,400,000 (-22%) in 2,800 theaters (-67); PSA: $3,355; Cumulative: $105,200,000

After its terrific three-week run at #1, this Kevin Hart comedy hit falls back only a bit as it passes $100 million. This is a sign of crossover success and strong word of mouth for this sleeper hit.

What comes next: With continued decent holds, this should easily pass $125 million.

4. "Frozen" (Buena Vista) Week 12 - Last weekend #2

$6,914,000 (-23%) in 2,460 theaters (-294); PSA: $2,811; Cumulative: $368,678,000

Despite "The Lego Movie," the numbers keep adding up for "Frozen," now in its 11th week in the top 5 and heading for a $400 million domestic and $1 billion worldwide total.

What comes next: This still has its Oscar win ahead to keep the attention going.

5. "That Awkward Moment" (Focus) Week 2 - Last weekend #3

$5,540,000 (-37%) in 2,809 theaters (unchanged); PSA: $2,809; Cumulative: $16,848,000

This male-centered rom-com held reasonably well after its soft opening weekend, and now looks like (with Valentine's Day weekend ahead) it could end up outgrossing any of Focus' 2013 releases except for "Dallas Buyers Club" (still in release with potential awards ahead), not bad for the first time out for the new Focus team.

What comes next: This does face two new wide release romantic remakes next week.

6. "Lone Survivor" (Universal) Week 7 - Last weekend #5

$5,300,000 (-25%) in 2,869 theaters (-416); PSA: $1,845; Cumulative: $112,600,000

Another impressive hold for Peter Berg and Mark Wahlberg's Afghanistan-set rescue film, which has more than held its own against end-of-the year releases.

What comes next: This has yet to play internationally (where the American military setting may limit its appeal, as happened with "Zero Dark 30"), but this has already gone far beyond expectations.

7. "Vampire Academy" (Weinstein) NEW - Cinemascore: B-; Criticwire D: Metacritic: 25

$4,101,000 in 2,676 theaters; PSA: $1,533; Cumulative: $4,101,000

Moving on to a more commercial/genre release after months of upscale/awards hopefuls, Weinstein acquired this independent production from the director of "Mean Girls" and writer of "Heathers." It sounded promising, but it looks like it will be weaker than any of their three 2013 general audience releases ("Escape to Planet Earth," "Scary Movie 5" and "Dark Skies"). Director Waters, whose first film "The House of Yes" was a Miramax release, has gone on to significant success, led by "Freaky Friday," "Spiderwick Chronicles" and "Mr. Popper's Penguins" and seemed like a safe bet for this. But the teen audience seems to have turned up its nose. The gross is only half of the opening of "Dark Skies," the weakest of the above, which only went on a $17 million total.

What comes next: This will struggle to even make the Top 10 next week.

8. "The Nut Job" (Open Road) Week 4 - Last weekend #4

$3,809,000 in 3,004 theaters (-468); PSA: $1,268; Cumulative: $55,082,000

"The Lego Movie" took a big bite out this indie-animated film, which up to this point has been over-performing, but not before it has become Open Road's biggest hit so far.

What comes next: Nearing the end of its run, a sequel is already in the works.

9. Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (Paramount) Week 4 - Last weekend #6

$3,600,000 (-32%) in 2,139 theaters (-768); PSA: $1,683; Cumulative: $44,469,000

Actually a fairly modest drop, particularly with a 25% decline in theaters, so the mixed results for this Tom Clancy-franchise reboot continue. International is already at $61 million before this weekend, so Paramount has a fighting chance of coming out OK with this.

What comes next: A commitment to further series entries still looks risky.

10. Labor Day (Paramount) Week 2 - Last weekend #7

$3,230,000 (-38%) in 2,584 theaters (unchanged); PSA: $1,250; Cumulative: $10,172,000

Another modest fall, but this started from such a low level that it won't do much to keep Jason Reitman's latest film afloat much longer.

What comes next: This will struggle to match his previous film "Young Adult," which also disappointed.