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Leibovitz's Money Meltdown, HuffPo and Facebook Go Social, Media Hotspots

by Anne Thompson
August 18, 2009 8:49 AM
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Thompson on Hollywood

Annie Leibovitz is astonishingly successful for a journalist. Or an artist. I'd be happy scoring $2 million plus a year.

But the danger of hanging with the beautiful people is you may want to function on the same level. That's what I got from this New York Mag story on the photographer's stunning financial meltdown, revealed in excruciating detail. I read every bloody word, fascinated by a train wreck far worse than any of my many financial misfires. Someone who had it really good let her life get totally out of control.

The Huffington Post is using Facebook Connect to expand its social networking, reports ATD's Kara Swisher:

In an unusually robust collaboration using Facebook Connect, the Huffington Post is launching a feature on Monday called “HuffPost Social News,” which lets readers create a personalized social networking-like news page on the Huffington Post itself.

While the Huffington Post had already been using Facebook Connect since January–which allows readers of the site to log in using their Facebook identity to interact, which is mostly used to leave comments–this use essentially takes Facebook Connect and puts it on steroids.

Not every media sector is in the doghouse, Ad Age reports: Five Lessons Learned From Five Media Bright Spots.

[Photo courtesy New York Magazine by John Keatley/Redux]

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1 Comment

  • Alan Green | August 18, 2009 2:25 AMReply

    a day-rate of $250k? i knew she was in demand but that's incredible.

    that's what i thought when i heard of this: how the fuck could she owe so much. total meltdown. hope she works it out.

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