Thompson on Hollywood

The trend in marketing these days is the on-demand model launched by Paramount's Paranormal Activity. The idea is to engage fans and get them to market the movie.

With Ridley Scott and Kevin Macdonald's Sundance hit Life in a Day, partners National Geographic Entertainment, YouTube and Cinedigm Digital Cinema Corp. are inviting audiences to request special screenings of the film in their hometown on July 24 in advance of the national release July 29. NatGeo will select the winning towns. Fans can also put together their own mash-up trailers to be shown at special screenings and on YouTube. Here are more details and video and audio assets to edit the trailers.

For the most enthusiastic fans, NatGeo is supplying marketing toolkits for "marketing SWAT "teams (sign up here). Here's more on the film's Micro Movie Mogul scheme and our first look at the poster.