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Lincoln Could Win the Election: He Covers Time, Newsweek and Poll Shows 67% of Americans Want Him Back in Office

by Beth Hanna
October 25, 2012 2:39 PM
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Abraham Lincoln on the October 18, 2012, Newsweek cover
Non U.S. Time Covers Feature Daniel Day Lewis in 'Lincoln'

Abraham Lincoln is most certainly the past president of the moment. He's the subject of Steven Spielberg's "Lincoln" (November 9), he's on the covers of both Time (October 25) and Newsweek (October 18), and a new poll conducted by the History Channel found Honest Abe to be the commander in chief 67% of Americans would want to see back in office.

To coincide with its upcoming mini-series "Mankind the Story of All of Us," narrated by Josh Brolin and debuting on November 13, the History Channel conducted a survey of adults across the country to see which historical figure would be their president of preference. Responses were not limited to former heads of state. While Lincoln received the majority of votes with 67%, Winston Churchill took 15% and Alexander the Great got 8%.
Despite Lincoln's win, he is not considered the ideal date. Forty-eight percent of Americans would most want to go to dinner with George Washington.
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  • Greg | October 26, 2012 8:22 PMReply

    Yeah but worse than this is Sundance Film Festival the rip off scam institution. I read about Sundance Film Festival today doing a search on-line. When are they going to arrest these crooks anyways?

    And Daniel sucks

  • OP HIP | October 26, 2012 5:17 AMReply

    Globalist EUGENICS are clearly unfolding.

    Hollywood's 4th decade of 'on board' predictive
    programming for the 'agenda'.

    Spielberg continues to deliver self-basting PC mkoral
    alibis ---for himself.

    This is the 60th Anniversary of the
    RED China, Globalism, mind control and EUGENICS
    'uncomfortable' ---EXTERMINIST -----'REAL'

    ------------------KOREAN WAR---------------------

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