Thompson on Hollywood

Supporting actress is announced by Kirk Douglas, who milks the moment for all it's worth, the ornery old coot. He flirts with Anne Hathaway. "You're gorgeous, where were you when I was making pictures?" Douglas reminds he lost three times. The Oscar for supporting actress goes to Melissa Leo. The front runner wins after all-- and her glam Oscar ads meant nothing. "Can you pinch me?" Now Douglas flirts with Leo. She gets bleeped. "It's about selling motion pictures and respecting he work," she says.

"It's the young and hip Oscars," quips Hathaway.

I am really going down in flames in my Oscar pool. Although I did call Australian "The Lost Thing" for best animated short, which beat out Pixar's Night & Day, in a bit of an upset. On the other hand, Pixar wins Toy Story 3, as expected. "Pixar is the most awesome place on the planet to make movies," says Lee Unkrich.