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Mad Men Magazine: Newsweek to Create 1960s Era Issue, Down to the Ads

by Maggie Lange
January 13, 2012 6:23 PM
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Mad Men: Hamm and Jones

Here's a yummy appetizer before the "Mad Men" season premiere on March 25. To mark the show's long-awaited return, Newsweek will channel the 60s era in one issue of the magazine, from layout to design.  AdAge reports that in yet another stunt from editor Tina Brown, she will give a retro vibe to everything from the features to the advertisements.

Brown and her editors say they will make the best effort to create a precise 1960s style--minus the tobacco advertisements, and using women writers and editors.

Matthew Weiner, the creator and executive producer of the AMC hit, had concerns about how best to premiere the fifth season of the critically acclaimed show, which comes a year and a half after the end of season four -- when Brown suggested that the magazine give the show a nod.

"Newsweek was very much on the cultural forefront at the time of the show," Ms. Brown told AdAge. "It covered the events that are so much of the background for the show's drama...  That was Newsweek's cutting-edge beat and its flourishing journalistic subject. So it seemed like a wonderful marriage in a sense to take that and apply it to the magazine, to make the magazine an homage to the period."

The Newsweek issue is set for a March 19 release, and will include a feature on the role of advertising in US culture.

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1 Comment

  • Mike G | January 14, 2012 10:58 AMReply

    Since Tina Brown took the reins at _Newsweek_, it has become more a interesting read, but, that doesn't make a more newsworthy magazine. As a former reporter and editor, and a more importantly, a former professor of journalism, I'm upset that during her tenure, many lines of professionalism have been crossed to sell magazines instead of maintaining top shelf investigative news magazine it was. She can and has done much better. Clean, economic writing, without puffey or buffoonery, photos that tell stories, and let the magazine inform the public without _being the story_. That would be the point.

    Stunts like this belong in the _News of the World_.

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