Thompson on Hollywood

As Mad Men Season 3 gets under way to huge numbers (yes!), Jon Hamm is wasting no time chasing a movie career--which was stymied by last year's labor unrest. I have high hopes for the first film, The Town, director Ben Affleck's romantic thriller set in Boston, which starts shooting in September. I'm less confident in Zack Snyder's Sucker Punch, a 50s action fantasy for Warners. Hamm has enormous potential--he could be the next George Clooney-- but has to pick right while he has the chance.

He was solid in a straight-arrow supporting role in The Day the Earth Stood Still remake, and displayed his comedy chops on Saturday NIght Live last October. Tina Fey then cast him as her attractive neighbor on 30 Rock. Here's hoping.

And here's the woman behind the Mad Men art, icons, wallpaper, make your own avatars and illustrations.

UPDATE: A new Mad Men episode turned up early on iTunes.