Thompson on Hollywood

Made in Dagenham releases November 19 following its festival circuit, from Toronto to last week's AFI Fest screening. Our Oscar Predicts Chart places star Sally Hawkins as a Long Shot Best Actress contender (remember her as Slasher in 2004's Layer Cake?), and Miranda Richardson as a Front Runner for Best Supporting Actor, while RottenTomatoes places the film at a very respectable 92%.

The new official poster, crammed with review quotes, is aimed at older Academy voters and women. (In Contention's London-based Guy Lodge points out that the original poster was based on a more comedic U.K. treatment.) That's because the heart of the movie--about the woman who single-handedly pushes England to put through legislation for equal pay for equal work-- resonates most with women. (Truth is, the movie is also entertaining and funny, thanks to Hawkins.)

The trailer is after the jump.