"With a very, very loose narrative structure -- it's practically non-existent -- the film moves like a documentary, dropping in and out of cases and countering that with peeks into the personal lives of the cops as well,..the immediacy of the film lends itself powerfully to the sequences focusing on the myriad of cases that come through the CPU doors. You couldn't think up the kind of stuff they deal with if you tried, but again, without realizing what she has, Maiwenn thinks she needs to put it over the top,..When the film is true to itself it works wonderfully."

"All too often, the cast look like drama students put into some sort of group improv workshop and told to think themselves into the role of stressed cops. This means they shout at each other, and then they tell each other to calm down,..Some of the movie works: there is a scene that shows the officers – strained beyond endurance – laughing uncontrollably, and inappropriately, at some of the evidence. But elsewhere there are a lot of wrong notes and horrendous tonal misjudgements."