Thompson on Hollywood

Malcolm McDowell, 67, has been on the PA circuit of late, scooping up award tributes and riding the PR swell for the 40th anniversary Blu-ray release of my favorite Stanley Kubrick film, 1971's A Clockwork Orange and Antoine de Gaudemar and Michel Ciment's doc Once Upon a Time… Clockwork Orange. They both screened at Cannes, where McDowell taught a master class.

Video interview and trailers below.

Thompson on Hollywood

Still to come is yet another career achievement award on July 16 at the Maine International Film Festival, which will screen A Clockwork Orange, Lindsay Anderson's O Lucky Man!, 1991 Cannes Russian entry Assassin of the Tsar, and Mike Kaplan's 2007 Cannes doc of McDowell's one-man show about Anderson, Never Apologize.

Here's Kaplan's 2007 Guardian feature on working with Anderson, who discovered McDowell with 1968's If and died in 1994. Next spring, McDowell will finally get his star on Hollywood Boulevard.

McDowell talks A Clockwork Orange:

Never Apologize trailer:

[Never Apologize poster art by Andre Carillho.]