4. "Godzilla" (Warner Bros.) Week 3 - Last weekend #2

$12,225,000 (-60%) in 3,501 theaters (-451); PSA: $3,492; Cumulative: $174,657,000

Another mighty drop, with worldwide totals approaching $400 million (with two major territories - China and Japan - still to come) likely to push this into modest profit or recouper status at most.

What comes next: Hard to see this being certain sequel bait, at least at this expense.

5. "Blended" (Warner Bros.) Week 2 - Last weekend #3

$8,425,000 (-41%) in 3,555 theaters (unchanged); PSA: $2,370; Cumulative: $29,632,000

The second weekend drop is at the low end for Adam Sandler films, but it came from one of his all-time low opening weekends, so it's a minor plus.

What comes next: This will prove a sizable loss for Sandler and Warners, despite its below-average budget for the star.

6. "Neighbors" (Universal) Week 4 - Last weekend #4

$7,700,000 (-45%) in 2,939 theaters (-327); PSA: $2,625; Cumulative: $128,600,000

Particularly considering the strong comedy competition at the moment, this is holding quite well, adding to profits for this super-cheap ($18 million) production.

What comes next: It won't top "Ted," but this still looks to get to a very impressive $150 million domestic total.

7. "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" (Sony) Week 5- Last weekend #5

$3,775,000 (-52%) in 2,152 theaters (-1,008); PSA: $1,754; Cumulative: $192,730,000

Sony's happy with combined worldwide numbers approaching $700 million. But the domestic take is coming in significantly below the $262 million haul for "Spider-Man 1."

What comes next: Two more sequels are already set, but some tinkering to give the series some extra draw seems inevitable.

8. "Million Dollar Arm" (Buena Vista) Week 3 - Last weekend #6

$3,700,000 (-47%) in 2,329 theaters (-690); PSA: $1,589: Cumulative: $28,097,000

This sports drama is not holding up after its soft opening two weeks ago. This anticipated word-of-mouth crowdpleaser starring "Mad Men"'s Jon Hamm is headed for a loss, despite its meager pre-marketing cost of $25 million.

What comes next: This will not get any major boost from foreign (its baseball-centered tale not being a big draw). It has already lost about a fifth of its theaters in its third week, and further declines are likely.

9. "Chef" (Open House) Week 4 - Last weekend #9

$2,009,000 (-11%) in 624 theaters (+126); PSA: $3,209; Cumulative: $6,924,000

A more modest theater bump in the still somewhat limited release (it goes wider soon) saw about a 25% drop in the PSA, which indicates continuing decent word of mouth.

What comes next: Open Road's first slower roll-out release still looks on track to be one of the better initially platform openers of the year, with $20 million or more still possible.

10. "The Other Woman" (20th Century Fox) Week 6 - Last weekend #7

$1,425,000 (-62%) in 1,114 theaters (-1,040); PSA: $1,279; Cumulative: $81,112,000

Running out of string at this point, with a big theater loss not helping. But this Cameron Diaz vehicle still -- with the aid of even stronger foreign returns, defying the industry concern that female-driven films don't travel well -- looks to end up as a significant success for Fox.

What comes next: This will end up way ahead of what the current films of two past comedy draws -- Adam Sandler and Seth MacFarlane -- will end up doing.