Now You See Me
3. Now You See Me (Lionsgate) Week 3 - Last weekend: #3

$10,320,000 (-46%) in 3,082 theaters (+62); PSA: $3,348; Cumulative: $80,009,000

The new openings provided strong competition, but this sleeper magician/caper film managed to hold on well enough to be the top holdover (ahead of two films it trailed last weekend). These excellent numbers are crucial for Lionsgate with the $75 million production cost (before marketing added) and an uncertain international interest (scattered territories have grossed $10 million so far, with most major countries yet to open). Still, this, even more than "This Is the End," wasn't projected by most people as a potential $100 million + domestic release, which this now will comfortably achieve.

What comes next: This could hang around the top 10 for the month, crucial for getting its gross to a maximized level in a very competitive market.

4. Fast & Furious 6 (Universal) Week 4 - Last weekend: #2

$9,400,000 (-52%) in 3,375 theaters (-396); PSA: $2,795; Cumulative: $219,600,000

The worldwide total is up to $637 million, best yet for the franchise and positioning this is one of the top films of the year. Universal did a great job of choosing its spot for its release and in particular in its worldwide marketing. It is now dropping quickly at home, but it's had a great run.

What comes next: Will they keep using numbers for the sequels? Many series have had more entries, but six has been the outer limits for title use. Not a bad dilemma for Universal to be facing.

5. The Purge (Universal) Week 2 - Last weekend: #1

$8,200,000 (-76%) in 2,591 theaters (+55); PSA: $3,165; Cumulative: $52,000,000

As expected, this dropped like a rock the second weekend, with the first three days (which came in $2 million+ less than Universal pushed as their estimate) comprising more than half of what this will take in domestically, below normal even for usual for low-budget horror-oriented films.

What comes next: With a $3 million budget, social-media marketing and most foreign markets still ahead, this will provide a nice profit, although back-end participants (Ethan Hawke and other principals included) will take a lot of that. But this shows once again how producers with any sort of experise can drop in any time and get a healthy return in this genre.

6. The Internship (20th Century-Fox) Week 2 - Last weekend: #4

$7,000,000 (-60%) in 3,399 theaters (+33); PSA: $2,059; Cumulative: $30,951,000

A big drop after a soft opening, not a happy result for this $58 million negative cost comedy that will end up one of the lowest grossing from the normally reliable Shawn Levy. "This Is the End"'s initial response was no help.

What comes next: One more week in the top 10, with foreign returns yet to come, but not guaranteed to rescue this project.

7. Epic (20th Century-Fox) Week 4 - Last weekend: #5

$6,000,000 (-49%) in 3,151 theaters (-443); PSA: $1,904; Cumulative: $95,429,000

Nearing the $100 million mark, with foreign grosses doubling the take so far, this $100 million cost animated film is doing passable business for its cost as it faces significant new competition in the weeks ahead.

What comes next: Both "Monsters University," which opens next week, and "Despicable Me 2" right after, look to be the two breakout animated films of the summer. So Fox was smart in getting this played off in the spot they did, even if this hasn't been an overwhelming success.

8. Star Trek Into Darkness (Paramount) Week 5 - Last weekend: #6

$5,660,000 (-50%) in 2,331 theaters (-821); PSA: $2,048; Cumulative: $210,491,000

Also nearing the end of its run at a decent domestic total, which will not quite get to the $257 million that J.J. Abrams' series restart took in, but has still be quite solid. International is a little behind ("Trek" films in the past have had less appeal abroad) with most territories having played (Japan and China are still to come), so the worldwide take should be around $500 million, likely enough to justify when all revenues are counted the expensive $190 million budget.

What comes next: This series might have trouble sustaining itself at this level of budget.

9. After Earth (Sony) Week 3 - Last weekend: #7

$3,750,000 (-65%) in 2,432 theaters (-969); PSA: $1,542; Cumulative: $54,200,000

Over and out after three weeks, with international -- not all territories open yet -- doing a little better, but likely not close to enough to make up for its $130 million cost + marketing. This will end up only a bit more than $60 million in the U.S./Canada, far below what a Will Smith summer film should do.

What comes next: Smith has "Winter's Tale," a more conventional actioner, opening later this year.

10. Iron Man 3 (Buena Vista) Week 7 - Last weekend: #9

$2,908,000 (49-%) in 1,649 theaters (-702); PSA: $1,762; Cumulative: $399,610,000

Making its stand to be the #1 film of the year, which it looks likely to be, particularly in worldwide totals. 

What comes next: Next stop, $400 million.