Samuel L. Jackson
Samuel L. Jackson

UPDATE: Samuel L. Jackson is joining the previously announced Martin Scorsese in presenting Wong Kar Wai's upcoming kung fu film "The Grandmaster," deeming it "Martin Scorsese and Samuel L. Jackson Present 'The Grandmaster.'"  The film hits theaters in limited release this weekend, and has a national roll-out on August 30.

Jackson stated of the film:

“THE GRANDMASTER is a wild ride and an expertly crafted martial arts film. I was blown away by Tony Leung and Ziyi Zhang’s performances, and needless to say by Wong Kar Wai’s direction; he’s a living legend who I’ve admired for ages, and it’s a true honor to lend my support alongside Martin Scorsese.”

Martin Scorsese

EARLIER: The Weinstein Company has announced that Martin Scorsese will lend his name in presentation of Wong Kar Wai's upcoming kung fu film "The Grandmaster" (August 23 limited release), deeming it "Martin Scorsese Presents 'The Grandmaster.'"

Scorsese stated of the film: 

"Wong Kar Wai has turned martial arts into a modern dance.  Every movement hit with precision, every emotion drenched with underlying honor. THE GRANDMASTER, arranged with both elegance and fury, left me mesmerized."

We couldn't agree more -- check out our mini-review and Berlin review roundup of the film here

The film, which stars Tony Leung, Zhang Ziyi and Chang Chen as rival martial arts experts in 1930s through 1950s China, premiered earlier this year at Berlin. Since its premiere in Berlin and China, Wong has continuously re-edited the film, after reading reviews and consulting financier Megan Ellison, distributor Harvey Weinstein and others. His final cut, completed in July, is the one to hit stateside theaters. The film has a nationwide roll-out on August 30.