Media Watch: Facebook Adds Apps, Sony vs. Cable TV, ImageCollect Biggest Celebrity Pics Library

by Maggie Lange
November 16, 2011 12:20 PM
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Facebook, two months after premiering new social apps through partnerships with Netflix, Spotify, Yahoo News, and The Washington Post, plans to go ahead and increase its app partnerships in 2012, reports AdAge. More applications will allow Facebook users to share what they read, watch and hear in real-time. Facebook will heavily feature the apps in their soon-to-be-launched Timeline.

-Sony is considering creating a web-based rival to its cable-TV service, the latest threat to the cable and satellite services that currently dominate pay TV, reports The WSJ.

-In only eight months since its launch, ImageCollect now boasts the largest library of celebrity images, over 3.7 million celeb photos available for download. The site still adds approximately 40,000 photos per day, reports TechCrunch. People Magazine, US Weekly, and the NYT Magazine were early ImageCollect customers.

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