Digital Viewing Transition: The Rise of Netflix

Netflix is talking cable partnerships. Netflix chief executive Reed Hastings has "quietly met" with some of the largest cable companies in the U.S. according to Reuters.  These meetings have prompted rumors that certain cable channels might add movie streaming to their services.  It's possible, writes TechCrunch, that within the year cable subscribers could have Netflix access from their cable boxes. Cable is what Netflix needs to survive.

Meanwhile, ABC Family and Epix have launched their own streaming applications for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch users. As paidContent writes, this is in direct competition with Epix and ABC Family's distribution agreements with Netflix and Hulu.  After Starz stopped supplying Netflix with titles, Epix became one of Netflix's most crucial suppliers.

Andrew Hunter, general manager of digital media for Epix, said: “We’re happy to have our content on Netflix, and they’re a great partner, but we feel like we need to be in as many places as we can right now."

[Both stories via Media Bistro.]