Thompson on Hollywood

Amazon is teaming up with NBC Universal to stream movies to subscribers, continuing its direct competition with Netflix. THR reports that Amazon now offers 9,000 movies and TV shows to its subscribers—Prime customers who pay $79.00 a year (compared to Netflix’s annual $96, for many more options). This after Amazon struck a similar deal with CBS last week. Movies and TV shows to stream include Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Fletch, Cheers, Frasier, and Star Trek.

-While Netflix Instant and Hulu are often seen as interchangeable, RapidTVNews reports that its users have very different viewing habits and preferences. Netflix users prefer movies to television, and stream these films on a gaming consul, while only 9% of Hulu users watch movies on the site. Netflix streaming works with 300 electronic devices and 42% watch on their computers compared to 89% of Hulu users who watch on their PCs.

-In the realm of illegal streaming, Creative America provides information and advocacy about illegal streaming of movies and television. They report that websites who traffic stolen TV and movies get 150 million visits every day, and content theft could threaten two million jobs in the US. The site provides information about content theft, explanations of upcoming legislation, and sources to join their team.