Thompson on Hollywood

The AP has decided to give some credit where it’s due; they will acknowledge (and maybe even direct traffic to) news organizations that break big stories. Starting August 1, when the AP uses a local story, they will link back to the original. Nieman Lab disclosed the AP staff memo and reports: “because the AP is a cooperative, it has no legal obligation to credit its members. But ‘that’s a legal point, not a journalistic one,’ said Mike Oreskes, AP’s senior managing editor.”

-Although Yahoo! is interested in buying Hulu’s streaming service after Microsoft dropped out of bidding, Yahoo! says Hulu is worthless without exclusive content. RapidTVNews reports that Yahoo! wanted a guarantee from Hulu’s current owners (Disney, News Corp, and Comcast-NBCUniversal) that they will give Hulu exclusive content for five years. Without that pledge, Hulu is “not worth anything.” Currently, Hulu has offered two years of exclusive content.

-Are 140 characters' days numbered? Slate’s Farhad Manjoo argues for Twitter to double its character limit:

Proponents of Twitter's limit argue that I should feel frustrated when I tweet. The classic defense of the 140-character perimeter is that, as with a haiku or sonnet, a rigid form inspires creativity. I don’t buy it.For one thing, that argument positions Twitter as more high-minded than it really is, or needs to be. Obviously, we aren't all poets, and we shouldn't have to be to use a mainstream social network.