Thompson on Hollywood

On Friday, the Dish Network is expected to announce a Blockbuster-branded streaming service. Their program will be a direct competitor to the recently criticized and faltering Netflix.

-Facebook has added a real-time news ticker to its site, combining Most Recent feeds and Top News feeds into one. For a user that checks Facebook frequently, they will see their most recent items, whereas if they check in only occasionally, they will get a view of the top stories - or "important things" posted by friends. [Via Media Bistro]

-At The Wrap's The Grill, new-media mogul Arianna Huffington states that AOL's acquisition of the Huffington Post was great for business:

“Since the integration, the Huffington Post has grown 49 percent and added 24 sections … My dream was to grow in multiple ways at the same time, but we didn’t have the resources available to do that before. All of these new launches we wanted to do would have taken years.

She also stated that AOL will not shut down Patch anytime soon and won't merge the site with Yahoo!