Thompson on Hollywood

- Amazon's stand-alone streaming service might follow the path of Netflix, reports Fierce Online. Amazon's plans to break its streaming business from its e-commerce store marks another instance, like Netflix, in which corporations make business decisions that do not cater to their consumers. Amazon might also have plans to split Prime from its original site.

And one theory gaining credence about Netflix CEO Reed Hastings' true motivation for splitting his company: he may want to sell off either the DVD rental (now called Qwikster) or Netflix streaming and cash out while the going is good.

- Hulu has created a system for selecting online videos based on your preference through Hulu Ad Swap. Hulu has consistently ranked at the top for number of video ads viewed online. Check out their cute video advertising their advertisements (posted below).

- Paramount will stream the latest Transformers movie directly to consumers, marking a trial in a new distribution method for the studio. Audiences will be able to watch Transformers: Dark of the Moon directly from Paramount (with a $3.99 fee) rather than having to go through another outlet like Netflix, Blockbuster Movie Pass, Vudu, or a cable provider. Amy Powell, the executive Vice President for interactive marketing says:

"We're testing the waters and interested to see consumer feedback… It's just a little toe-dip to move in the direction we believe will be one of the future distribution means for content."