Thompson on Hollywood

Netflix is creating a Just-for-Kids streaming option, the company reported yesterday. Aimed at the 12-and-unders, it offers content like Dora the Explorer or SpongeBob SquarePants, and groups its elements into categories that operate with total child-logic: "Dinosaurs," "Girl Power," "Princesses," and "Superheroes." Meanwhile, Netflix is also aiming to distribute in select Asian locations, like Japan or South Korea, by the end of 2012.

-Traffic on has increased over the past few months to record numbers, from 160 million page-views in March to 189 million in May. Nieman Lab has an astute analysis of what this means for the paper, which is continuing to branch onto the web even while staff reductions are underway.

-Over at Google, there is a rather suspicious glitch with Google+ invitation links that prevents them from surfacing on Google's social media rival Facebook. This has led to a "he said, she said" match, where neither company looks particularly mature.

-Connected devices in the home, like consoles that connect television to the internet, are under-used. Interpret, a media and technology market research group, found that Internet-connected devices are in the homes of over half of US consumers, but only 22% of people who have gaming consoles connected to the internet use them to stream movies or TV, and only 18% of people with set-top boxes (like Roku or Apple TV) use them to stream.