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Media Watch: Murdoch Escapes From Parliament, Catapulted Pie

by Maggie Lange
July 20, 2011 3:47 AM
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Thompson on Hollywood

In nearly three hours of intense interrogation by the British Parliament, Rupert Murdoch still refused to provide sufficient answers or admit to any responsibility.

Howard Kurtz, for the Daily Beast, said that while the News Corps. chief came to offer apologies for the cell-phone hacking scandal, he took no personal responsibility, saying that the blame should lie with "people I trusted to run it, and maybe people they trusted." The discredited mogul even attempted to condemn unnamed rivals with "dirty hands" for their efforts to "build this hysteria."

Although Murdoch called it the "most humble day of his life," and stammered through questions, he did not accept fault. Prime Minister David Cameron made a statement to the House of Commons Wednesday morning, and has previously pledged for more transparency concerning the relationship between politicians and the media.

The three hours of exhausting questioning were punctuated only by a shaving cream pie thrown at Murdoch and skillfully deflected by Murdoch's wife, Wendi Deng. "It was riveting theater," reported the New York Times. Perhaps the best way to look at this whole hubbub, Gawker posits, is to be thankful for all the "bounty of fresh memes" that the phone hacking scandal has produced.

[Faux News of the World Cover, Imagined by Vanity Fair ]

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1 Comment

  • Koto | July 21, 2011 4:12 AMReply

    Anne,did you see this parody video(Hackgate:The Movie)? It's very funny.

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