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Casting Watch: Mia Wasikowska and Olivia Williams Join David Cronenberg's Schizoid Ghost Story 'Maps to the Stars'

by Ryan Lattanzio
May 8, 2013 1:16 PM
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Mia Wasikowska
Mia Wasikowska

New casting details have emerged for Canadian auteur David Cronenberg's new film "Maps to the Stars." Mia Wasikowska, Olivia Williams and Evan Bird are set to star in the schizoid ghost thriller, joining Julianne Moore, John Cusack and Cronenberg stalwart Robert Pattinson.

Olivia Williams
Olivia Williams

Produced by longtime Cronenberg collaborator Martin Katz and "Carnage" producer Said Ben Said, "Maps to the Stars" marks the first time since 2007's "Eastern Promises" that the prolific director will be working from an original screenplay rather than an adaptation.

Written by screenwriter/novelist Bruce Wagner ("Force Majeure")-- who contributed to "Nightmare on Elm Street 3" -- it's a tale of troubled Hollywood in typically creepy Cronenberg tradition. Evan Bird (recently seen on AMC's "The Killing") plays a drug-addled child star with a nasty mom (Williams) and a schizophrenic sister (Wasikowska).

"Maps" reunites Cronenberg with Pattinson, who excelled with calm cool as a nihilistic mogul in last year's "Cosmopolis." With dead eyes and cold blankness, Wasikowska recently showcased her ability to play creepy in "Stoker."

Rabid Cronenbergians will probably have to wait til next year to catch "Maps to the Stars," as the film is still in pre-production.

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1 Comment

  • George | May 8, 2013 7:51 PMReply

    Definitely has potential. Very good cast. Who else to examine the dark side of Hollywood but Cronenberg?

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