'The Reluctant Fundamentalist'
'The Reluctant Fundamentalist'

La Biennale di Venezia, otherwise known as the 69th Venice International Film Festival, will open on August 29th with Mira Nair's out-of-competition world premiere "The Reluctant Fundamentalist." It's her fifth showing at Venice, including the Golden Lion winner "Monsoon Wedding," "Mississippi Masala," the collective film "11'09'01," and "Vanity Fair." Based in New York and Uganda, Nair alternates shooting English-language films and films set in her native India. The festival closes on September 8.

Produced by Lydia Dean Pilcher and presented by Doha Film Institute, international political thriller "The Reluctant Fundamentalist" is a Mirabai Films and Cine Mosaic production adapted by William Wheeler from the global bestseller. The film stars Riz Ahmed as a young Pakistani Wall Street player who gets caught in a conflict between the American dream, a hostage crisis, and his family's homeland. Kate Hudson, Kiefer Sutherland, Liev Schreiber, Martin Donovan, Om Puri and Shabana Azmi also star in the film which was shot in Lahore, Delhi, Istanbul, New York and Atlanta. 

"Mira Nair has made an exemplary film adaptation of a novel that deals with the topical issue of fundamentalisms of any kind or nature," says Alberto Barbera, the new director of the Venice Film Festival. "With great sensitivity, subtlety and remarkable sense of cinematic narrative, the director is never reluctant to take a difficult stand, inspired by profound ethical and moral reasons." 

Nair worked with cinematographer Declan Quinn, production designer Michael Carlin, costume designer Arjun Bhasin and editor Shimit Amin. The score by Michael Andrews blends old and new Pakistani sounds and a new original song by Peter Gabriel.

K5 International is repping international rights; Hal Sadoff for DFI and Bart Walker of Cinetic are handling North America.

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