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Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol to Premiere in Dubai, Site of Cruise's Daunting Tower Climb

Thompson on Hollywood By Maggie Lange | Thompson on Hollywood November 14, 2011 at 4:58PM

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol to Premiere in Dubai, Site of Cruise's Daunting Tower Climb
Brad Bird Talks Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol: IMAX vs. 3-D, Animation vs. Live Action, Trailer

With the global marketplace a priority for studios, especially on action franchises, more films are making their world debuts overseas. Now the city of absurd skyscrapers will host the world premiere of a movie which is hard-selling its daredevil star's absurd climb up its highest tower. The latest installment in the "Mission Impossible" franchise, "Ghost Protocol" will open the Dubai International Film Festival on December 7th before its global release December 14th.

The Brad Bird-directed fourth "Mission Impossible" feature was shot in the city, and the trailer features a scene in the city in which Tom Cruise clutches onto the sides of Burj Khalifa, in hopes of scaling the world's tallest building. The movie also includes extensive shots of the city, from the financial district, the old urban area, and the nearby Palm Island construction.

In TOH's Bird interview (here), he said: "I was looking at shots to convey how tall the Burj is because even when you see it in long shot, you don't know really how tall it is," Bird explains. "It is almost double the height of the Empire State building, and so I thought if I had clouds coming in but don't go all the way up, that would be a good way to show it. And one of the producers, Jeffrey Chernov, said, 'Don't have it be a cloud: have it be a chamal, a sandstorm.'"

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