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Morning in America ...a Note from Michael Moore

by Michael Moore
November 7, 2012 4:58 PM
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Michael Moore
Michael Moore

Wednesday, November 7th, 2012

Congratulations everyone!!

This country has truly changed, and I believe there will be no going back. Hate lost yesterday. That is amazing in and of itself. And all the women who were elected last night! A total rebuke of Neanderthal attitudes.

Now the real work begins. Millions of us – the majority – must come together to insist that President Obama and the Democrats stand up and fight for the things we sent them there to do. Mr. President, do not listen to the pundits who today call for you to "compromise." No. You already tried that. It didn't work. You can compromise later if you need to, but please, no more beginning by compromising. And if the Republican House doesn't want to play ball, do a massive end run around them with one executive order after another – just like they have done and will do if given the chance again.

We have to have Obama's back. As he is blocked and attacked by the Right, we need to be there with him. We are the majority. Let's act like it.

And please Mr. President, make the banks and Wall Street pay. You're the boss, not them. Lead the fight to get money out of politics – the spending on this election is shameful and dangerous. Don't wait til 2014 to bring the troops home – bring 'em home now. Stop the drone strikes on civilians. End the senseless war on drugs. Act like a pit bull when it comes to climate change – ignore the nuts, and fix this now. Take the profit motive out of things that any civilized country would say, "this is for the common good." Make higher education affordable for everyone and don't send 22-year-olds out into the world already in massive debt. Order a moratorium on home foreclosures and evictions. Enact economic policy that will create good-paying jobs and spend the money that's needed to do that. Make your second term one for the history books.


  • Adam | November 7, 2012 7:40 PMReply

    No it wasn't nice to wake up in the USA at all.

    Another four years of empty promises and the devaluing of America. Yeah, Mr. President, listen to this jealous spin artist with an axe to grind, and make the world a better place by spending more money we don't have, ask everyone who works for their money to give more than those that don't care to support themselves, and further ruin our relationships with other countries that matter. Romney would not have been any better and I didn't vote for him. No, the only good that could have come out of last night, and didn't, was seeing the Libertarian party get a fair shot at the white house in future elections. No, screw people that actually know what our country needs and respects it's values. We want either extreme right party idiots that refuse to evolve and don't have a prayer of getting elected because of the now liberal led media, or we want a rock star, a best friend, someone who will tell us everything we want to hear and not have an ounce of ambition to follow through with it. America doesn't need the step parent trying everything they can to win your approval and doing nothing to lead you. We need the stern parent that will tell us what we have to do to fix our problems rather than just try to do it for us. Obama sure brought change, but not the change he all led us to believe he was going to provide. Instead he has started a plan to make America no better than the average third world country and you all just gave him four more years to seal the deal. Congratulations America, you fell for the Junior Class President's misdirection and empty promises a second time. I would pray there is hope that people would realize we're not changing anything by fighting fire with fire, but there's no point. None of you want real change, no matter how many times you say it.

  • Bob | November 7, 2012 6:20 PMReply

    So can I just have my paycheck sent directly to those who'd rather not work and expect everyone to take care of them?

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