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Morning in America ...a Note from Michael Moore

by Michael Moore
November 7, 2012 4:58 PM
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Finally, thanks must be given to the Occupy movement who, a year ago, set the tone of this election year by getting everyone to talk about the 1% vs. 99%. It inspired Obama and his campaign to realize that there was a huge popular sentiment against what the wealthy have done to the country and there was something wrong if just 400 rich guys owned more than 160 million Americans combined (all those moochers and bums). This led to Romney's "47%" remarks and THAT was the beginning of the end of his campaign. Thank you Mother Jones for releasing that secret tape, and thank you to the minimum wage worker who placed a camera on the serving buffet next to the candle. This morning's headline in the Washington Post says it all: "At Romney headquarters, the defeat of the 1 percent." Thank you Sandra Fluke for enduring the insults hurled at you and then becoming an important grassroots leader against the war on women. Thank you Todd Akin for...well, for just being you. Thank you CEOs of Chrysler and GM for coming out forcefully against the Republican(!) candidate, saying he lived in "some parallel universe" when he lied about Jeep. Thank you Governor Christie for your new bromance with Obama. You know, you really didn't have to!

And you, Mother Nature, with all your horrific damage, death and destruction you caused last week, you became, ironically, the undoing of a Party that didn't believe in you or your climate changing powers.

Perhaps they'll believe now.

Once again, thanks to all of you who brought a nonvoter to the polls. In a last minute effort to get Obama an extra million votes he wasn't counting on, I enjoyed talking and texting with your loved ones and friends yesterday who weren't going to vote – but then changed their minds after a little nudge and some TLC ("Damn! Michael Moore? I'm getting in to car right now to go vote.").

To my fellow Americans, I think you'll agree: it was nice to wake up this morning in the United States of America.

Michael Moore

P.S. If you missed them, you might enjoy reading my tweets from last night and reliving this historic victory 140 characters at time. 


  • Adam | November 7, 2012 7:40 PMReply

    No it wasn't nice to wake up in the USA at all.

    Another four years of empty promises and the devaluing of America. Yeah, Mr. President, listen to this jealous spin artist with an axe to grind, and make the world a better place by spending more money we don't have, ask everyone who works for their money to give more than those that don't care to support themselves, and further ruin our relationships with other countries that matter. Romney would not have been any better and I didn't vote for him. No, the only good that could have come out of last night, and didn't, was seeing the Libertarian party get a fair shot at the white house in future elections. No, screw people that actually know what our country needs and respects it's values. We want either extreme right party idiots that refuse to evolve and don't have a prayer of getting elected because of the now liberal led media, or we want a rock star, a best friend, someone who will tell us everything we want to hear and not have an ounce of ambition to follow through with it. America doesn't need the step parent trying everything they can to win your approval and doing nothing to lead you. We need the stern parent that will tell us what we have to do to fix our problems rather than just try to do it for us. Obama sure brought change, but not the change he all led us to believe he was going to provide. Instead he has started a plan to make America no better than the average third world country and you all just gave him four more years to seal the deal. Congratulations America, you fell for the Junior Class President's misdirection and empty promises a second time. I would pray there is hope that people would realize we're not changing anything by fighting fire with fire, but there's no point. None of you want real change, no matter how many times you say it.

  • Bob | November 7, 2012 6:20 PMReply

    So can I just have my paycheck sent directly to those who'd rather not work and expect everyone to take care of them?

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