Chris Dodd

During MPAA Chairman and CEO Senator Chris Dodd's remarks today at CinemaCon (the national theater owners' convention), a new campaign was revealed intended to remind parents to "Check the Box" (being the ratings box) so they can make informed decisions about the content of a movie before determining if it's appropriate for their children.

Dodd reported that the descriptors on each ratings block have now been made more prominent, so that it's easier to determine the type of content in a film.

A PSA and poster will also be showcased in theaters across the country. The video can be viewed here.

He stated:

Throughout its existence, the goal of the rating system has never changed: to inform parents and allow them to make their own decisions, considering their children’s sensibilities and unique sensitivities.  In 1990, we took a significant step to advance that goal, introducing rating descriptors for every film that is rated PG or higher, giving parents a snapshot of the content in each movie that leads to its rating.

The campaign we are announcing today focuses on these descriptors, giving parents the information they need to navigate the rating system and movies coming to their theaters.  We’ve produced something we believe you will be proud to showcase at your theaters.