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Music Box Does 'Penance,' by Kiyoshi Kurosawa; IFC Takes 'Lucky Them,' Starring Toni Collette

by Beth Hanna
October 9, 2013 2:01 PM
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A couple different acquisitions coming in. IFC Films has snapped up rights to "Lucky Them," starring Toni Collette and Thomas Haden Church; the film, directed by Megan Griffiths, premiered at TIFF. And Music Box has nabbed Kiyoshi Kurosawa's ("Cure," "Charisma") five-episode eerie psychological thriller series "Penance." 

Here's the synopsis for "Lucky Them":

"Lucky Them"
"Lucky Them"

LUCKY THEM follows Ellie Klug (Toni Collette), an unconventional rock journalist who dates musicians.  She is given the important assignment of exploring her own past by her magazine's editor (Oliver Platt). Joined by eccentric would-be documentarian Charlie (Thomas Haden Church), Ellie sets out on an emotional treasure hunt in order to finally rid herself of her "ghosts" and get on with life.

And "Penance":

PENANCE begins on a quiet playground when a mysterious stranger approaches a group of young girls, then kidnaps and brutally murders one of them.  Wracked with grief, the victim’s unhinged mother demands that the survivors identify the killer or face a penance of her choosing.  Growing up in the shadow of this tragic debt, each of the four women cultivates a warped survival mechanism – avoidance, desperation, fear, or obsession.  A disturbing, sensitively helmed chronicle of post-traumatic stress from a female perspective, PENANCE offers Kurosawa’s trademark creepy twists as well as a subtle commentary on Japanese society and gender expectations.

Music Box is eyeing a summer 2014 theatrical release for "Penance" (which currently clocks in at about 4.5 hours), followed by VOD; no word on release plans for "Lucky Them."

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