Spike Lee

Spike Lee has the coolest-professor-ever vibe down, which makes sense after his 15-year stint teaching at NYU.  In this video interview from journalism site Mediabistro, Lee talks like he's addressing a classroom of young filmmakers and creatives. He dispenses expert advice about how to fall in love with work and make the best of boredom.

"My first big break came because I coudn't get a job," he says.  He borrowed a friend's Super 8 camera and filmed New York in the summer of 1977 -- when New York was a broke city with record high temperatures and fabulous music at block parties.  As Lee says: "Film found me. I didn't say I found film."  

Lee's interview is part of Mediabistro's "My First Big Break" series. Their previous interviews include Brian Williams, Dan Rather, Bonnie Fuller, Wendy Williams and Lou Dobbs.