'Game of Thrones'
'Game of Thrones'

Neil Marshall is quickly becoming 'the battle director' for "Game of Thrones"--and he doesn't mind a bit. "I'd love to be their go-to person for battles," Marshall joked recently in an interview with zap2it.

Kit Harington, Game of Thrones

First, the "Centurion" director helmed the ambitious nautical Battle of Blackwater from last season, and now he's brought us the Battle of Castle Black from this Sunday's "The Watchers on the Wall."  Like "Blackwater," this episode focused on just a single plot line, and is the most expensive ever produced in the HBO series's history.

Marshall filmed the surprisingly short episode (just 51 minutes) last October in Belfast over three weeks with more than 100 extras, two real-life giants and a massive special effects team.  The director sat down with Vulture's Denise Martin to talk about the endeavor: highlights below.

Kit Harington said “The Watchers on the Wall” was the series’ most expensive yet. How does it compare to “Blackwater,” which reportedly cost $8 million to shoot?
Nobody ever tells me the budgets really. I’d guess that it might be more expensive. We had a lot more visual effects this time around, a lot more complicated visual effects. We had to build the same amount of sets I suppose. It probably is more expensive but nobody tells me the budgets. They only tell me how long I’ve got to shoot it.