David Fincher
David Fincher

"House of Cards," David Fincher's diabolically watchable big-budget foray into Netflix programing, is groundbreaking in its presentation. But the show stands on its own apart from its much-hyped release plan. (CAA reveals the numbers behind the series here.)

Fincher made a rare appearance at LACMA to talk about the show, which has also helped to re-launch the career of star Robin Wright, who plays Kevin Spacey's vulnerable ice queen of a Lady MacBeth wife. 

Some savory tidbits from Fincher via Slashfilm:

Fincher would not have made "House of Cards" without Kevin Spacey in the central role as the Machiavellian congressman, which is not surprising. Something that did raise eyebrows: Corey Stoll's troubled addict congressman Peter Russo was initially a minor plot-thread; his standout performance inspired Fincher and co. to expand the role.

Fincher gives some strong writing advice about writing each character as their own protagonist: 

"The thing I always say to any writer that I’m working with is: Just make sure that in any argument, EVERYONE is right. I want every single person arguing a righteous side of the argument. That makes interesting drama.”

Fincher also talked to DGA Quarterly here about Netflix and his Frank Capra influences.