Bogey and Bacall in 'The Big Sleep'
Bogey and Bacall in 'The Big Sleep'

Raymond Chandler fans, take note. Michael De Luca, Andrew Marlowe and Terri Edda Miller have sold a one-hour drama inspired by Chandler's famed detective Philip Marlowe to ABC.

The casting director will have a tall order in finding the right actor to play Marlowe, a witty, no-bullshit tough guy who still has compassion for the failings of his fellow men. Previous big-screen Marlowes have been played by the likes of -- most famously -- Humphrey Bogart (Howard Hawks' "The Big Sleep"), Elliott Gould (Robert Altman's "The Long Goodbye") and Robert Mitchum (Dick Richards' "Farewell, My Lovely," and Michael Winner's 1978 version of "The Big Sleep"). Dick Powell and Robert Montgomery were Marlowes, too.

Here's more info:

This smart, sexy and stylish update of Raymond Chandler’s timeless character follows the investigations of wisecracking, edgy and rugged private detective Philip Marlowe, as he navigates the morally complicated world of today’s Los Angeles, where the bright California sun casts long and dangerous shadows…and where true love can be more difficult to find than justice.

Marlowe (Andrew, that is, not Philip) is the creator, executive producer, and showrunner of "Castle," and  Miller is a writer and consulting producer on the show. De Luca is a two-time Oscar nominated film producer ("Moneyball," "The Social Network").