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News Wrap: Green Lantern's Campbell Badmouths Solace, Entourage Chases Weiner, Patti Smith Acts

by Maggie Lange
June 19, 2011 6:31 AM
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Thompson on Hollywood

Green Lantern and Casino Royale director Martin Campbell, says Quantum of Solace was “lousy.” Campbell, who is credited with reviving the Bond franchise in 2006 with Casino Royale, told Crave that Marc Forster's 2008 sequel Quantum of Solace was “uninteresting” and “a bit of a mess.” Campbell holds out hope for the next Bond film: “Sam Mendes is directing it and I’m sure it’ll be terrific.”

Reality check: Quantum of Solace scored 64% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, while Green Lantern opened soft and scored 25% rotten. 'Nuff said.

Thompson on Hollywood

Obvious: resigning Congressman Anthony Weiner has been offered a role on HBO's Entourage. The show's executive producer, Doug Ellin, wasted no time in reaching out to former Representative Weiner with an opportunity to play himself on the show. Apparently, the discredited politician failed to respond to the offer. Ellin is familiar with rejection from hot topic scandalmongers; he also reports that Charlie Sheen never responded to an offer to guest-star for final 8th season, which debuts July 24.

“Godmother of Punk" Patti Smith will channel her mystical influences in one of her first dramatic acting roles, guest starring on Law and Order: Criminal Intent. Smith, whose much-lauded memoir Just Kids even captivated Harry Potter star Emma Watson, plays a Columbia University mythology professor. In this episode, possibly inspired by Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark, Smith aids D’Onofrio by recalling the myth of—“Icarus! My favorite metaphor for failed ambition.” Judging from a clip and behind-the-scenes Smith interview, Smith may want to keep her day job.


  • Thuan Dang | June 20, 2011 2:39 AMReply

    That "reality check" is lazy, idiotic and invalidates you as a writer.

  • Sergio | June 19, 2011 9:37 AMReply

    No Solace is definitely not lousy. It's pretty good. Granted Royale is better but then there were working with a whole re-imaging of Bond than just another routine Bond movie.

    And FOR SURE Solace is 100 times better than Green Lantern. I mean let's be real here!!!!!

  • Michael | June 19, 2011 7:45 AMReply

    But Quantum of Solace was rather lousy. So if you are to compare Martin Campbell's work, why not compare the RT Score of Casino Royale to Quantum of Solace. Ohhh and it's 94% so 'Nuff said sir.

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