"A Royal Affair"
"A Royal Affair"

AT: How did you get inside the characters' POV and not make it a stuffy Masterpiece Theatre drama?

RH: This film is so much about freedom, both the political story and love story are a long struggle for freedom, look at Syria and the Arab world now. To us it felt like such a contemporary drama to write. We always thought about that when we did the writing. The worst thing when doing costume drama is to make it too old fashioned, and too dusty. We were very aware of having to make it modern with the dialogue, but the drama itself is universal so that was a gift for us.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  AT: Are you going to do a musical next?

NA: This came out my love of films like 'Gone with the Wind' and the big epics from here. I also have a great love of Gene Kelly musicals. But the financing in Denmark: if you try to make 'Singing in the Rain ' for $5 million it will look awful and small. Maybe we can do it here...

Audience Question: Struensee towards the end, you see the fear in how he played it.

RH: He was not a defiant hero in the end? We talked about that a lot. 'These are my ideas.' The truth of it was he was very scared no matter how heroic he'd been. It was more important to show the truth.

Audience: Where did you shoot the film?

NA: We shot in the Czech Republic, which has a slightly hillier landscape. We couldn't shoot in Denmark, everything is so modernized.

Audience: Did Queen Caroline write those amazing letters to her children?

RH: She didn't write them. Of all the things we did, it's the biggest lie, at one point we thought as we ended it, it isn't just the end, because a lot of good things came out of it. We thought, 'how can we anchor this in a personal way?' We're sure she wrote a letter, maybe not this letter exactly. That's not an historically correct thing. I hope she did. Let's just say she did!