'The LEGO Movie'
'The LEGO Movie'

3. The Lego Movie (Warner Bros.) Week 4 - Last weekend #1

$21,015,000 (-33%) in 3,770 theaters (-120); PSA: $5,574; Cumulative: $209,325,000

Still very healthy in its fourth weekend after three at #1, "Lego" is actually $17 million ahead of "Frozen"'s total at the same point in its wide release. This won't equal Disney's smash (this doesn't have major holiday playtime ahead to help it rebound), but it has established itself clearly as the top hit of the first third of 2014.

What comes next: "Mr. Peabody and Sherman" will provide some competition for the younger crowd next week.

4. Monuments Men (Sony) Week 4 - Last weekend #5

$5,000,000 (-37%) in 3,002 theaters (-62); PSA: $1,666; Cumulative: $65,690,000

Sony clearly made the right choice to move George Clooney's WWII caper out of Christmas. Now facing much weaker competition for older audiences, this keeps holding on better than expected and now looks to easily pass $80 million domestically before it's through. It actually rose a spot this weekend - pretty impressive.

What comes next: Most of foreign is yet to come. And Cate Blanchett's Oscar tonight for previous film "Blue Jasmine" won't hurt at all, particularly overseas.

5. 3 Days to Kill (Relativity) Week 2 - Last weekend #2

$4,900,000 (-60%) in 2,872 theaters (unchanged); PSA: $1,706; Cumulative: $20,701,000

Though this didn't start off strong, facing "Non-Stop" on its second weekend just made matters worse for Kevin Costner's attempt to replicate "Taken," similar to the new Liam Neeson effort. Beating it into the market was the right move, but it needed to take hold initially better than it did, and this second week result is no surprise.

What comes next: This still has most of the world to open, so there is hope for better results elsewhere.

6. RoboCop (Sony) Week 3 - Last weekend #4

$4,500,000 (-54%) in 2,885 theaters (-487); PSA: $1,560; Cumulative: $51,210,000

Not exactly gangbusters here, this remake looks with overseas possibly to top $250 million before it's through worldwide, good enough to likely get into the black despite its lesser domestic interest. International is already up to $136 million.

What comes next: China opened this weekend, and potentially solid Japan comes later.

7. Pompeii (Sony) Week 2 - Last weekend #3

$4,300,000 (-58%) in 2,658 theaters (unchanged); PSA: $1,618; Cumulative: $17,740,000

This Sony-distributed (in the U.S.) but not financed film was always going to have its biggest appeal overseas, but its domestic take still started weak and now is falling fast. This will outgross Lionsgate's earlier "Legend of Hercules." But this is not a genre that seems to be taking hold.

What comes next: Won't hang around for much beyond one more week.

8. Frozen (Buena Vista) Week 15 - Last weekend #8

$3,611,000 (-18%) in 1,746 theaters (-145); PSA: $2,068; Cumulative: $388,736,000

Now over $1 billion worldwide, domestically this held position in its phenomenal 14th week in the top 10 (week 1 was a single theater).

What comes next: No thaw expected quite yet with Oscar win(s) ahead and $400 million for its domestic take clearly in sight.

9. About Last Night (Sony) Week 3 - Last weekend #6

$3,400,000 (-55%) in 1,804 theaters (-449); PSA: $1,804; Cumulative: $43,750,000

Not holding at all well, the rom-com is outpacing its fellow Valentine's Day 80s romantic remake "Endless Love." With a production cost of only $12 million, this has been a decent showing (marketing cost more) despite its lack of international potential.

What comes next: Nothing to discourage Sony from continuing to mine its library for low-budget updating.

10. Riding Along (Universal) Week 7 - Last weekend #7

$3,100,000 (-34%) in 1,869 theaters (-317); PSA: $1,640; Cumulative: $127,200,000

The first of this year's Kevin Hart films (he is also the lead in "About Last Night") manages a 7th Top 10 week which is almost as impressive as its major total take so far.

What comes next: About it for this film, but Hart will be back soon with "Think Like a Man Too," and looks primed to become one of the top stars for the immediate future.