The Year in TV 2011

Gawker watched TV so you wouldn't have to. Here's their compilation of the year in TV, wrapping up countless hours of pointless programming into just 3 minutes and 22 seconds.

The series of clips are absurd, unreasonable and completely incompatible. Darkly glimmering period pieces are juxtaposed with colorful reality competitions, and airbrushed pastel talk shows come up against vicious zombie gore.

While the year in trailers had a more rational underlying pattern, this just is an edited mish-mash of TV weirdness, from era-defining events (the Royal Wedding), political gaffes, dramatic awards ceremonies (the queening of Melissa McCarthy) and sitcom one-liners to genuinely emotional farewells ("Friday Night Lights" and "Oprah") and how-soon-we-forget viral moments (CNN's Anderson Cooper loosing it over Gerard Depardieu's incontinence). 

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