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Oscar Talk: Critics Choice vs. Oscars, Moore Doc Reform and DGA Updates, Rise of 'Dragon Tattoo,' Fall of 'War Horse'

by Anne Thompson
January 13, 2012 2:11 PM
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On this week's Oscar Talk, Kris Tapley and I revisit Thursday night's Critics Choice Movie Awards, and predict whether the Globes and Oscars will repeat the same winners. We update the latest news on Michael Moore's reform of the Oscar Documentary Rules, Pros and Cons, as well the DGA doc nominations and Cinema Eye Honors.

We look at the rise of David Fincher and "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo," as well as Gary Oldman and "Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy," and question where Steven Spielberg and 'War Horse' go from here.

And we give a preview of the upcoming Golden Globes weekend festiviities.


  • bright | January 15, 2012 3:14 AMReply

    where do we go now won Audience prize in Toronto festival. it's same prize that king speech won.great movie .it's about humankind ,love,life .... "Declaration of War is great too. I hope a Oscar for them.

  • joe | January 15, 2012 3:05 AMReply

    did you see where do we go now ?"Declaration of War"(France) and in darkness .they are great movie .it's shame ,festivals didn't notice them . where do we go now won in Toronto festival .

  • Anne Thompson | January 14, 2012 11:26 PMReply

    I put Weekend on my ten best list. It got plenty of attention from the Brits, but as a low-budget talking head gay romance, received limited release here.

    Leo DiCaprio is softer than Michael Fassbender by virtue of J. Edgar's bad reviews; he gives a towering performance in a movie that has been poorly received--but hey, so do Meryl Streep and Glenn Close. Fassbender has been universally hailed, for more than one movie. NC-17 Shame is not your ordinary Academy fare, but yes, it is about the body of work. It's possible for Michael Shannon or Ryan Gosling to sneak into that fifth slot, but unlikely, as their films haven't been that widely seen by the Academy.

  • DL | January 14, 2012 3:38 PMReply

    Hi, I watched a British film called Weekend by Andrew Haigh, and thought it was one of the best this year. Why isn't this movie getting any attention at all? It screened in Sundance and SXFX

  • aj | January 13, 2012 3:08 PMReply

    Hi Anne and Kris. Thanks for the podcast. May I ask why Anne why you think Leo is softer than Michael F.? Is it based on precursor support or academy reaction to J.Edgar and Shame? the strength of the campaigns? Based on body of work? If so what about Michael S. and Ryan G. who also had many roles this year. I am just curious. Thanks again.

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