Thompson on Hollywood

During this week's Oscar Talk, In Contention's Kris Tapley and I debate the Best Actor category (we disagree on Matt Damon), discuss Precious and Mo'Nique, assess the music branch's spotty nominating track record, agree on the excellence of French Oscar submission A Prophet and mull the pool of potential Oscarcast hosts.

Kris reviews Michael Jackson's This Is It, which I missed on my London sojourn. Yes, I could have gone to the theater this weekend, but I confess that I am an ardent Yankee fan. I do want to see it, especially since it's garnering decent reviews and solid if not earth-shattering box office. Luckily, demand (and the fact that Sony will not be able to release a Christmas DVD) means that Sony will extend the run. UPDATE: The Academy screening on Sunday afternoon was packed; the crowd was over the moon for this movie, applauding after each song. The picture wasn't released early enough to be eligible for a doc nom. Hmmm.

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