Thompson on Hollywood

Oscar season is in full swing and this last week brought BAFTA's Britannia Awards and the AFI Fest, which unspooled the first L.A. showings of both David O. Russell's The Fighter and Darren Aronofsky's Black Swan. Kris Tapley and I assess the current state of the race--is Natalie Portman the actress to beat? Will Amy Adams get in over Melissa Leo? Is Christian Bale a lock for a supporting win? Where is James L. Brooks?

And I look forward to covering this Saturday's Academy Governor's Awards, which will present the Irving G. Thalberg award to Francis Ford Coppola and honorary Oscars to Eli Wallach, Kevin Brownlow and the always-controversial Jean-Luc Godard. Who will present to the absent filmmaker? That's the cliffhanger.