Thompson on Hollywood

Cartoon Brew has the full list of 33 qualifying animated shorts from around the world, as well as photos and website links to such films as Pixar's gloriously witty Day & Night, which will undoubtedly wind up in the final five:

The following thirty-three films have fulfilled the qualifications necessary to be considered in the category of Best Animated Short for 2010 Academy Awards. Members of the Short Films and Feature Animation Branch of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will vote on a shortlist of ten films from this list. A second round of voting, also restricted to members of the Short Films and Feature Animation branches, will narrow it down to the five nominees for Best Animated Short Film Oscar. The final vote, which determines the winner, is open to all Academy members provided that they have watched every nominated short. It’s a wide open field this year with plenty of newcomers; only three filmmakers among the thirty-three contenders have ever been nominated for an Oscar (Bill Plympton, Tomasz Bagiński and Don Hertzfeldt).