TOH! Oscar readers poll results, main

The results of our TOH! Readers Poll for Oscars 2012 are in and one thing is clear: Your taste is very different from that of the Academy.  Take a look at the winners below.

While our poll agreed with the Academy's pick for Best Picture (31% for "The Artist"), the main competition in that category came from "The Tree of Life" with 27%; "The Descendants" trailed in third place with 10%. "The Tree of Life" topped the Best Director poll, with 34% for Terrence Malick, as well as Best Cinematography for Emmanuel Lubezki (71%; "Hugo" got second place with 12%). For Best Actor, our wild card Michael Fassbender ("Shame") won with 22% of votes; Jean Dujardin followed with 20%. Our poll chose Viola Davis for Best Actress; she beat out Meryl Streep with 20% vs. 19%. Christopher Plummer was the clear winner with 51%; tied for second are Max von Sydow and Nick Nolte. Jessica Chastain beat out Octavia Spencer, but it was close; 31% vs. 30%.

Best Documentary went to "Pina" with 51% of votes; second place went to "Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory" with 18%. Best Animated Film and Best Editing agreed with the Academy, seeing wins for "Rango" with 61% and "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" with 29%, respectively.

TOH! Oscar readers poll results, actors
TOH! Oscar readers poll results, editing, cinematography, doc
TOH! Oscar readers poll results, main