Jurassic Park
5. The Croods (20th Century-Fox) Week 6 ; Last weekend: #3

$6,600,000 (-%) in 3,283 theaters (-152); PSA: $2,010; Cumulative: $163,025,000

The best hold in the top 10, clearly helped by being the sole prominent family film at the moment, as this Dreamworks Animation film heads toward an $180 million + domestic take and a worldwide total that could approach $600 million.

What comes next: One of the few clear hits of 2013 so far, this looks like a natural for a sequel.

6. G.I Joe: Retribution (Paramount) Week 5; Last weekend: #5

$3,620,000 (-37%) in 2,707 theaters (-468); PSA: $1,337; Cumulative: $116,396,000

Another modest drop as the second film in Paramount's "G.I. Joe" series, though down in the U.S. from the first, is thriving well enough worldwide (with a $400 million or better total likely) to ensure that more will be on the way.

What comes next: With its solid holds and not much besides "Iron Man 3" opening next week, this could show up in the top 10 for a few more weeks.

7. Scary Movie 5 (Weinstein) Week 3; Last weekend: #4

$3,457,000 (-44%) in 2,733 theaters (-669); PSA: $1,265; Cumulative: $27,494,000

The third weekend into this comedy series sequel still has only grossed two-thirds of the opening weekend of "Scary Movie 4."

What comes next: Interestingly, an even bigger Weinstein franchise - "Scream - was greenlit last week by MTV as a cable pilot, rather than as an extension to the film series.

8. Olympus Has Fallen (FilmDistrict) Week 6; Last weekend: #7

$2,768,000 (-38%) in 2.334 theaters (-304); PSA: $1,186; Cumulative: $93,076,000

Now this is how it is done - make a smart action film, even if it isn't star-driven to the extent of the lead getting $10s of millions in pay, and audiences will still respond. With a gross that could exceed both "Oblivion" and "Pain & Gain" among many others in the U.S. among 2013 male-oriented films, this Antoine Fuqua-directed film has been a rare sleeper, not only in its opening figures but in how it has sustained its success.

What comes next: This still has the rest of the world to open.

9. A Place Beyond the Pines (Focus) Week 5; Last weekend: #6

$2,699,000 (-45%) in 1,584 theaters (+42); PSA: $1,704; Cumulative: $16,205,000

It looks like Focus was right to move this star-driven drama out quickly to maximize its appeal, with its sharp fall this week even as new theaters were added suggesting a less than rapturous audience response as it plays fairly wide.

What comes next: The $20 million+ ultimate domestic gross will make this one of the best indie releases of the year so far, but even with Bradley Cooper and Ryan Gosling it will fall short of what first half year 2012 films "Moonrise Kingdom" and "Best Exotic Marigold Hotel" amassed with better word of mouth, still a key factor that trumps big names for adult audiences.

10. Jurassic Park 3D (Universal) Week 4; Last weekend: #9

$2,300,000 (-43%) in 1,848 theaters (-482); PSA: $1,250; Cumulative: $42,000,000

Ending its domestic run with an OK haul, this 3-D redo awaits international, including some major territories where this has had less exposure and should do considerably better.

What comes next: Because of worldwide opportunities, these 3-D efforts likely continue, but their appeal in the U.S. is somewhat more marginal considering the marketing expense involved in relaunching films with much of the cost of a new release.